Progressive Science is a double-blinded, peer-reviewed, open-access online research journal that covers all aspects of science in the area of medicine, biology, chemistry, engineering and physics. It helps scientists publish their research findings based on integrity of data regardless of positive or negative results. Our unique Article Reward Program rewards scientists for the significance and impact of their research.
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Article Types

Research, Review, Case Report and Case Study Articles 

Manuscripts submitted to these categories go through our double-blinded peer-review process

Brief and Technical Reports

The purpose of these two categories is for rapid communication. Submitted manuscripts do not go through the traditional peer-review process, because this approach significantly delays the rapid availability of information and data. We believe it is more meaningful and transparent to have the peer-review occurs continually and instantaneously via posting in the comment section of each published article.  

Brief Report should have these sections: Abstract, Introduction, Case Presentation or Results, Discussion and References

Technical Report should have these sections: Abstract, Introduction, Materials, Methods, Discussion and References

Compensation System
Progressive Science strongly believes that scientists should be acknowledged and compensated for their expertise and invaluable contributions to the editorial and review process. Ironically, scientists are being charged publication fees while generously providing free labor as reviewers and editors. In the hope of changing this practice, Progressive Science has implemented a compensation system.

For Reviewers (manuscript evaluation must be completed within 16 days):
  1. Monetary
  2. SMART Award Donation
For Academic Editors:
  1. Monetary
  2. SMART Award Donation
For Corresponding Author: Article Reward Program
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