Progressive Science officially launched as an open access, peer-reviewed research journal on February 2014. It is started by a scientist, run by scientists and funded by philanthropy. Its core principle is that scientist should not have to pay to publish their hard work and discoveries. Its mission is to facilitate the transparency and universal accessibility of knowledge and information to everyone.

It is rare that science is perfect the first time, but we try our best to get as close to reality as possible; only time will tell. Big steps, little steps, as long as they move science forward to pave the way for new discoveries. 

Based on this philosophy, Progressive Science aims to publish all knowledge (original research, reviews, case reports, methodology, negative studies, brief reports, etc...) in the area of medicine, biology, chemistry and physics, while maintaining the accuracy and integrity of its publications. Advancement in science and discovery is not just leaps but single steps built from cumulative studies of negative and positive findings. Sloppy science and sloppy research lead to detrimental and costly misdirection. 

Progressive Science's goal is to publish all knowledge without judging on perception of significance and novelty. This site is a resource and a playground for scientists and is not just a database. Publishing science should be dynamic and enjoyable. Progressive Science publications contain colorful figures and videos showcasing the research and visions of the article's investigators. Science is a community effort. We invite visitors to comment and rate on the articles. 

Support our mission in the advancement of education and scientific research by submitting manuscripts, joining the editorial board, contributing to the Resources and Opportunities sections, promoting the SMART Award, and donating to our nonprofit organization, TranScience.

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Compensation System
Progressive Science strongly believes that scientists should be acknowledged and compensated for their expertise and invaluable contributions to the editorial and review process. Ironically, scientists are being charged publication fees while generously providing free labor as reviewers and editors. In the hope of changing this practice, Progressive Science has implemented a compensation system.

For Reviewers (manuscript evaluation must be completed within 16 days):
  1. Monetary
  2. Publication Point
  3. SMART Award Donation
For Academic Editors: one publication point is given for each submission handled. Six publication points = one article publication cost credit.  

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